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Passenger Injured on Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship Stranded

What would you do if you were injured on a cruise ship and found yourself stranded in a foreign country without adequate medical care?  

Major news networks reported that a passenger on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship in the Mediterranean slipped and fell on board the ship, breaking his hip.  The next port was in Turkey.  The ship's crew called a taxi that transported the passenger and his wife to a local hospital.  

The hospital was so dirty that the man's wife worried that he would get an infection if he had to stay there long.   To make matters worse, no one at the hospital spoke English, and they did not allow women inside their facility because of strict cultural mores.  Then, the couple found out that the hospital was not equipped to conduct the surgery that the husband needed. 

Stranded and left without any assistance by Royal Caribbean, the couple managed to get into contact with an English-speaking tour guide who found alternative transportation for the couple to a hospital in Istanbul, after Royal Caribbean’s insurance company cancelled their first attempt at transportation.

According to New York Daily News, the husband was safely transported to a better hospital where appropriate medical care was provided, thanks to the Turkish tour guide who even donated his own blood for the passenger's surgery!  

The couple was shocked by Royal Caribbean’s actions, especially since they were only on the cruise because they were offered a free ticket as a goodwill gesture after their last cruise ship caught on fire.

Even though the accident occurred in a foreign country, maritime law requires cruise lines to provide passengers with reasonable care in the case of an on board injury.  If you have been injured while on a cruise, please don't wait to contact an experienced attorney.  When making a claim against a cruise line, you probably only have six months to notify the cruise line in writing about the injury, and only one year in which to file a lawsuit.  

Most lawsuits against cruise lines must be filed in South Florida.  Therefore, if you have been injured while on board a cruise ship, it is imperative that you contact an experienced cruise ship injury attorney in Florida as soon as possible.  

Our office has handled many claims against cruise lines on behalf of injured passengers.  In fact, in a jury trial in Miami against Celebrity Cruises (which is owned by Royal Caribbean), we obtained a jury verdict of over $2,676,000 on behalf of an injured passenger, which is believed to be the largest jury verdict in a passenger-injury claim against in a cruise line in the country in the last several years.  

Steven Meyer has been board certified by The Florida Bar as a specialist in Civil Trial Law, which includes personal injury claims.  Only a small percentage of attorneys in Florida hold this certification, which indicates that the attorney is an expert in this area of the law.  

We offer a free initial consultation.  Please give us a call at (561) 864-0007.  

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