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Woman Injured by Falling Masonry at Hotel in Tampa, Florida

A woman was injured after attending an event at the famous Floridan Palace Hotel in downtown Tampa.  The woman was standing on the sidewalk outside the hotel when a piece of masonry broke off the hotel wall three stories above the ground and struck her.  The woman was hospitalized because of her injuries.  

The Floridan was built in 1927.  It closed in the 1990's, and remained empty for many years. It was remodeled and re-opened a few years ago.  

A similar thing happened at a hotel in Miami Beach a number of years ago, when a guest walked out the door of the hotel and was struck on the head with a falling object.  

Our office has handled many claims on behalf of people who were injured in Florida hotels or resorts.  Many claims involve falls in the hotel, elevator or escalator injuries, swimming pool accidents, injuries in a parking lot, or food related illnesses.  If you or a loved one were injured in a hotel or resort in Florida, we would be happy to discuss the issues with you.  We offer a free consultation.  Steven Meyer is a board certified expert in handling civil trial cases, which includes personal injury cases.  Please give us a call.